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Inconsequential stuff....

First of all, it is now after midnight on the east coast, so....

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In other news, if it was easy to make really cool, fancy abstract images with Cinema 4D, I would be posting them here now. But it is a cast iron bitch to work with, so despite my desire to make fancy abstract wallpapers, I am beating my head on a brick wall. I have been doing this, and searching for tutorials that don't suck, for two days.

Also, it is a bitch to really do anything original in Bryce as well. On the other hand, it is stupidly simple to do something like every other person has ever done in Bryce. So, in my desire to do SOMETHING creative with these ferschluginna programs, I made an egg. And please, don't tell me how incredible it is, because I basically told the program... "Make sky... Make water... Make egg... Make egg of blueish glass... render." But I thought it was pretty, if extremely ordinary and pedantic, so I'm posting it behind the cut. If you want you can tell me it's pretty, but don't tell me it's original or talented, okay?

Perhaps tomorrow I will post TWO eggs of DIFFERENT types of glass.


The weird part is, despite the fact I'm not proud of the egg, I'm not only posting it here, I made a desktop background of it as well for anyone interested. I don't understand me sometimes.

I guess with all the posting and weird graphics, I'm just feeling the need to be creative and communicative and not sure how to really accomplish these....
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