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Tomorrow is my day to sit and be pecked to death by ducks while stressing and trying not to cry or say the wrong thing for several hours which may or MAY NOT include a break for lunch, despite the fact it will probably be from 10am to about 3-4. Law schtuff. It sucks. robyngoodfellow actually remembered it AND mentioned it in her journal. Wow. Now you know why she's the Psycho Six Interpid Leader. I mean, how interpid is that.

Here's a link for you. Not only filled with fun pictures and useful information but a lot of fun to read, too. I kept dragging Martin over to show him things.

Wish me luck tomorrow. I probably won't be replying to any of your comments on this one till after I get back tomorrow, unless I can't sleep tonight which is possible, I could barely sleep LAST night.

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