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My morning....

A trip to Tarzana Treatment Center to treat Foot Crud, as stenoed to my palm pilot....

*smears a stripe of camo makeup under each eye*

*cue overhead helicopter sounds*


6:05 am Dropping into enemy territory soon, scouting the territory with the time delay I've been given. Note to self: Going into foreign territory without your radio? Add radio to supplies.

6:10 Fuel level dropping. Securing vehicle. No sign of hostiles. I notice they're showing disrespect to my flags.

6:16 The drop commences, and as expected the enemy shows no mercy.

The first touch of the sun tells me my intel was dangerously light. Even with the vast supplies I packed for this mission, I will pay dearly for underestimating this climate.

6:20-6:50 Trying to blend in with the locals. They seem to suspect little.

6:50 Beginning to take notes on the locals. Intel has it that unfair policies regarding our supply chain are occurring and I can't prove this without the notes. Also beginning to insinuate myself into some of the local customs. Friendly locals may prove helpful.

7:25 Some military types nearby doing something with dangerous machinery. I hear helicopters overhead. Hmmmm....

7:30 Expected skirmish didn't come and natives more friendly than the last time I was forced into this territory. The reports that the new government changes have improved things in this area seem to be less off the mark than expected. Contacted the underground. Some moderately painful mental conditioning is being forced on me, but it IS slightly less than before.

7:50 The locals before me and two far after me have been taken from the mental conditioning room for supplies. The heinous rumours of the underground being contaminated seem true. How deep the contamination runs will be shown in time.

8:05 Supplies seem not to based on timeliness, as trumpeted, or race as rumored, but actually on paperwork speed. The new underground seems far more efficient than the lackeys I'm used to dealing with. Sent to high level area to meet with the information operative I've been sent here for. Only a waiting game now.

8:07 Head man appears, older asian gentleman. Hands me a cheaply copied map, tells me to be there in 13 minutes for supplies, return in two weeks, disappears without answering any questions. Never even learned his name.

8:31 Attempted to meet up for supplies, but my contact not here for another half hour. I consider circling, but I'm low on fuel.

9:04 Refueled. Metaphor wearing thin. Operative later than expected and I'm unsure if I'll be expected to grease the pretty russian woman's palm for these supplies.

9:10 Supplies procured, information retrieved.. Returning to base.

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