November 26th, 2003

ENG - Chicha... unimpressed by Fritters

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I want a ducky.

I have a calendar on my desk of baby animal pictures, all in full color. Today is a mallard duckling and it is soooooo cute. I want a baby ducky sooooo BAAAD! With it's little cute beak and it's soft widdle body and it's little flappy feet.

Does anyone know a place where I can rent a baby duck for a few days? Please??

Here's a pic, it's a different ducky, but doesn't that just make you wanna hold and snuggle a baby ducky??

And BTW, we now present, stolen from spazzychic who stole it from msanborn, Gollum Rap, just for nevwynelf because I know she will appreciate it in ways I am incapable of fathoming...

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