November 29th, 2003

ENG - Chicha... unimpressed by Fritters


Ummm....Thanksgiving we did...stuff. Like, traditional stuff.

Today we went shopping and got a brand new dvd player for 35 fu**ing bucks. Ours worked perfectly fine, but with the age of ours, there was a buttload we couldn't see. Now that we've got the cheapass no-name brand one, we can watch all the dvd's our lovely expensive GE couldn't play, including the bootleg X2 we got (we own the real one now, Authorities...) and my COMPLETE collection of EVERY Invader Zim, including the ultra super rare Christmas ep, which we haven't seen yet...Best damn 35 dollars we ever spent.

John was home almost all day today and no one killed anyone, no one even argued. Amazing, but nice. Feels like holidays.

I haven't really been feeling up to commenting on everyone's journals as much as normal. Hell, I've avoided the communities almost completely the last few days. I feel sorta guilty, although I AM still reading everyone's journals, because I feel people don't really know I am visiting unless I comment occasionally, and it's nice to know people are still reading your journal. So for what it's worth, I'm still visiting your entries, guys, I've just been lazy and been doing it mainly through my friends page and being weirdly silent =\

No memes due to the fact I haven't been to my quiz community, lately. Weird, huh?
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