March 29th, 2004

TT BB Cute by ellonwye

Five almost completely unrelated icons....

Two "chick" icons, two "Shakes the Clown" icons and one "Azkaban" icon.

RULES: If you use these you should not hotlink, you should comment on which you take and you MUST credit "Fritters" in keywords or I shall be all pissy and stop making this weirdness. Don't know how to credit? Go here and the nice people at LJ will tell you all about it.

I am not using an lj-cut because this post isn't physically long. So there.
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ENG - Chicha... unimpressed by Fritters

Curse you, LJ Friends!!

Arrrgghhh!! I've got too many friends!

Yes, that's SORTA possible.

I keep meeting interesting people on LJ that I have a lot in common with. Neat, cool people I wanna stay in touch with. And darn it, I've already got such a huge friends list that I'm starting to have trouble keeping up and keeping everyone straight.

Today, it is piisexactly3's fault. Before that, it was mrquackles's fault.

Will you people who aren't on my friends list yet STOP being interesting?

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Cat Goes Pbtht by iconfetish


...have I been bored today.

I actually cranked up ICQ. So if you use that and want to add me I'm 2972536. And once again, if you're on AIM I'm Fritty Pop.
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