April 8th, 2004

TT SF Giggle by shamanic_nuriko

Slow Day

Here's an article aboout a weird (read:disgusting) new fad from Europe.

And here is a link to Vineyard Challenge, which years later I STILL play. To encourage y'all to do the same, whoever posts the highest (real) score will get a fantastic amazing prize of me getting off my ass and sending you a nice e-card with praise in it. Hey, I have no cash. Also, you have to play the current version, not the 1995 version. To get a good score I suggest you play several times, the weather and bugs and wine market are remarkably fickle. FYI, my high score today is 240, rated as "the master of all grape growers."

If any of you really really suck repeatedly at this I also have helpful advice, which I may dispense to anyone who comes across as really pathetic ^_^
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