June 18th, 2004

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Well, after having an appt. to take the rat in this morning, we find out I DON'T have an appt. and the doctor is in surgery all day. So we leave a message for her asking can I just pick up more meds as she's still having trouble breathing? Better yet, something stronger.

So when we're both dead asleep she calls at 3, 6 hours later and too late to pick up anything, and leaves a phone message saying "That's the strongest medicine there is, so she's gonna die now. Okay, bye."

I swear, if she wasn't experienced and cheap I'd stop going. Pissed at her.

So now I have to try to contact her on Monday to see if we can at least keep giving the meds to her till she goes so she lasts longer. Which also means three more days on only one antibiotic instead of the two she was put on in the emergency room.

Not happy.

In better news, I got the best random worded email spam yesterday I'd ever gotten. It almost makes sense and the almost sensical parts are pretty cool.

"Subject:carpet tack 9 cream puffs

If beyond mastadon find lice on from short order cook, then tenor near beams with joy.Most widows believe that minivan near avoid contact with defined by cream puff.Marta and I took for nation (with lunatic around lunatic, dilettante defined by short order cook.henpeck eluate burt ceylon crafty degum programming."

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