July 17th, 2004

Ed Resting by Fritters

In lieu of caching updates...

...I made a picture page of the last week or two's pictures from the camera, with info on where we went and what we did. I was going to just post them on LJ, but I remembered that people who want to comment on posts still have to load every single picture even if they DIDN'T click on the cut, so instead of putting everything behind a cut I just made a page for everyone else's convenience. Yeah, I'm a great guy...

July Photo Page

FYI, there are pictures of thudpucker, ladypixel, myself, moonshine246, my dad, several travel bugs, stuffed bears, some nice flower shots, old timey equipment, orange crate art, olive presses, wagons, topiary, statues and plastic crows on the page.
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