November 10th, 2004

Ed Resting by Fritters


#1. For those of you who are interested (spazzychic), Torrid is having a big big clearance sale, again. (50% off all clearance items. Woot.)

#2. If I get you a Christmas present, which odds are I am not, it will be tiny, inexpensive and probably hand-made. So best not to get me anything. Even if you've been told by me I'm getting you something, I may not be able to finish it in time. If you get me something and I don't get you anything, or if you get me something nice, I will probably feel crappy that I can't get YOU anything. So best not to get me anything. Or if you do, PLEASE keep it small, okay?

#3. Some of you will get me something even with the above warning. If you feel you must, here is my greed list. These are NOT a list of things I expect people to buy for me! This is so that if you really feel you must, you can either get something on the list or have a better idea what I think is spiffycool. It will be updated over the next few weeks, hopefully with some smaller priced items, so you may or may not consider bookmarking this pig. Also, piggy girl needs no food.

#4. See number 2.
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