December 12th, 2004

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Game idea, part II

Well, I've researched copyrighting a game idea and it sounds pretty useless. To really be protected you need to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the company you're offering the game idea to. I was originally looking through lists of developers trying to find a company that was hungry and new, but I realized before I should do that (i.e. "Hi! I'm some unknown schmoe who's never been in the game software industry and is randomly emailing you! Take some time out to do a lot of legal paperwork so I can tell you a game idea you may or may not want to use!"> I thought I should try the six degrees of separation thing first.

Does anyone out there work in the game software industry or know anyone who does? I don't have some "vague idea" of what might be cool, I have a specific system worked out for a specific type of game play that hasn't been done before and touches on two different current popular themes without being a boring carbon copy of either.
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