January 8th, 2005

Full of Crazy by aphchan

Mini post of useless fluff...


You're the Smiths. Like the Cure, you're not technically a goth band, but you're popular amongst the black clad. Cheer up, darling, Robert Smith may hate you, but I think you're gorgeous. Nice boots dear, and I DO mean it.

What Goth Band Are You?
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This is amusing, because I'm NOT goth, but I feel I have a decent amount in me. Not to mention I own both Cure and Smiths albums, but the Smiths are more numerous... I've put Smith's lyrics in icons before.

And, the 2004 Sentence Meme, ganked from spazzychic and ladypixel...

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Bitter Ray of Sunshine by Fritters

Wallpaper/Art Thingy

This just happened to end up wallpaper sized (800x600), it wasn't really originally part of the plan. Be warned, this image is subject to a particular cynical, dark part of my sense of humor. It's not pr0n or anything, but it does poke fun at some of the more popular art styles I've been seeing on LJ. So if you click on this and get pissed off, I don't want to hear complaints... Thumbnail behind the cut for the lower bandwidth visitors.

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