April 16th, 2005

Ed Resting by Fritters

Non-whining post.

Today I had a nice day.

No, it's not screamingly noteworthy, but LJ is like the news, you're more likely to "report" the bad stuff than a good day. And I realize that posting it before the day is over is sorta "asking for it." Be assured if it stops being a nice day, I will surely let you know ^_^
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Ed Resting by Fritters

18 Random Icons

Icons in a theme that makes sense? Who needs them?!? FEEELLL the randomness! MWAHAHAhaahahahhahah...

Usual rules, commenting is nice but not required, crediting "Fritters" (me) in keywords is REQUIRED; any icon you use MUST have the word Fritters SOMEWHERE next to it ON YOUR USER PIC PAGE. If you don't know how, don't take them or ask someone how to do it. It's easy-peasy.

MY credits! There are a lot this time.

Icon 5: Picture taken from http://www.sillymidget.com! Sorta. The picture is from a place that used the image with permission from sillymidget.com, but all images seem to be gone from there. Still, that's the original credit...

Icon 6: Picture taken from http://www.johngodfrey.net! Not mine! If you like the art, go to that URL and support the guy!

Icons 8-11: Screenshots from the flash movie The End of the World. This is pretty funny and you should see it if you haven't yet...

Icons 12 & 13: Photos taken by the talented kimd.

Icon 16: Template by minttea

Now, if that wasn't long enough, here's what's under the cut...

A Sarcastic Girl
Watchmen Logo
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Ocean Love
End of the World International Humor
Romance & Peace
Darien from Sailor Moon
Alton Brown
Implied Gayness of Muppets

Enough text for you?? Let's get on to the damn icons, already!!


2. 12. 16.

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