April 26th, 2005

FF Curse your betrayal by quebelly

Serenity Movie Icons (Firefly...)

Thirty four new icons from the Firefly movie Serenity trailer. Most animated because I LIKE animation. IF YOU USE ANY, credit me in keywords. I need to see the word Fritters somewhere next to the icon in your user pic page, because otherwise I won't keep doing this sorta thing. And I know at least some people would be bothered by that, even if you specifically may not be.

Brushes, where used, by absolutetrouble. Some bases included, because I know I'm not exactly always the best with words and you might wanna slap some on there of your own. IF you change any, please give me dual credit with you... Oh, and some of them are grainy, I'm sorry, but it's a bitch to get some of these under 40k.

And if you have not SEEN the trailer, go here...


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Oh, and which ones can't you read the text on??
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