June 19th, 2005

Ed Resting by Fritters

Anime Backgrounds...

I tossed together a couple of anime backgrounds and decided to post them here. Basically, I was going through some abstract photoshop tutorials and since I'd seen a lot of backgrounds in this style, I decided to do what others did and throw an anime pic on the front of it, mess with it a little and call them backgrounds. Hope someone likes 'em... Click to see/download the full size.

Spike and Ein from Cowboy Bebop - 1024x768

Nancy from Read or Die - 800x600

FYI, the images are way better quality, I saved the thumbnails at a shitty quality so everyone could load them fast. I know the second pic is from a cel. I'm pretty sure the Bebop pic is from a magazine cover or something, I tried not to use any fanart, cause that's wrong....

And yes, I like blue. Shut up.
Ed Resting by Fritters

Random Icons

Another bunch of random icons. I actually have a bunch of Zim and Teen Titans icons all made, I just haven't gotten to posting them yet. So have some randomness.


Credit in keywords! If you don't know how, learn, or don't take them.

These are for livejournal or greatestjournal or other blogs. Please do not take them and list them as your own or save them on your photobucket in an open account that makes people think they are your own. Please do not post these on neopets. You can save them on your hard drive or on any photo servers that are passworded for your use only.

You don't have to comment. You can change them all you want (dual credit). All I ask is you always credit me as the maker in the keywords. The end.

And yes, I hate all the damn rules, too, but the list wouldn't keep getting longer if it wasn't that I keep coming across people who are doing all these things.


Polar bears
Panda bears
Sea turtles
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Trigun (inferred foul langauge warning)
Cowboy Bebop
Big Top (the comic strip)
Pouty Girls


1. 13. 16.

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As usual, if my friends can let me know which ones are unreadable (other than #9, I know it is) so I can release the good ones to quality_icons, I'd appreciate it...
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