June 25th, 2005

Zim the pig rides you...  - by Fritters

Some Zim...

Some Invader Zim icons for you. I tried to include bases so y'all could put whatever figgly little text on them you wanted, dual credit on those please...


Credit in keywords! If you don't know how, learn, or don't take them.

These are for livejournal or greatestjournal or other blogs.

Please do not take them and list them as your own, or save them on your photobucket in an open account that makes people think they are your own. You can save them on your hard drive or on any photo servers that are passworded for your use only.

Please do not post these on neopets.

You don't have to comment. You can change them all you want (dual credit). All I ask is you always credit me as the maker in the keywords. The end.

And yes, I hate all the damn rules, too, but the list wouldn't keep getting longer if it wasn't that I keep coming across people who are doing all these things.


5. 9. 18.

Collapse )

As usual, if y'all could tell me if any of these are unreadable/unviewable I'd be much obliged...
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