July 8th, 2005

ENG - Chicha... unimpressed by Fritters

My showldr iz pastede 0n yAy!

On the one hand, I'm not particularly into the entries that go like this....

"Then yesterday we took Van Owen instead of Victory (it's STILL under construction) to get to the swap meet (or should I say the SWAMPED meet, it was HORRIBLE yesterday! LOL!) because we wanted to get those green earrings I mentioned before, but they were out so we considered getting the blue ones but the blue ones are just a little TOO blue for the outfit I'm planning so we left and then the car was hard to find, Sarah had parked WAY in back instead of trying to get a good place, that BOTHERS ME!...."

Conversely, I'm on LJ to keep up with what's happening with my friends, so I get irritated with entries like this.

"Today sucked. Don't ask." <-----no comments allowed

...or when all people do is post quiz results, because then I STILL can't keep up with what my friends are doing.

*insert the page equivalent of a semicolon here*

So I suppose I should actually do what I personally like from people's postings and actually TELL people what's been up with my life, instead of just posting more quiz results, huh?? I will try to be brief, as well. Wish me luck.


We've been doing the gardening/construction at postrophe's parent's pretty regularaly lately, but last Saturday we left early to attend a smallish party at Karen Anderson's house (Michelle shotgunned green chartreuse and paid for it LOL!1). Postrophe actually got me into a bathing suit...

On the fourth, we did our traditional Dad's BBQ thing and was able to get home in time to see the illegal fireworks, which was pleasant. They nearly set a balcony on fire, which is amusing in retrospect.

After all that driving the day before my shoulder was KILLING me (still, from the accident), so we ditched out on helping ladypixel and kingu, sorry guys (I finished a necklace for you guys to sell, though). Driving makes it bitchy and we knew we had agreed to drive the next day to...

...helping Karen with her many many macintoshes. We solved pretty much every problem we had thrown at us (despite never working with OSX before...) and we got out in time to get my damned fuel filter replaced (thanks for the cash, Dad!)

Today we went to the chiropracter! YAY CHIROPRACTER! I've been wanting to go for WEEKS so in theory I can stop bitching about my shoulder to everyone, soon. He told me why the ibuprofin and naproxyn sodium weren't doing jack for me, as well, so less pain, too! W00t!

Gardening tomorrow. Yayz.


Was that concise enough? I can never tell.

Now for the crap.

1. Neat link. It will tell you what emotions are being used more and less and how much they're fluctuating on LJ....

2. Collapse )

3. My country is doing well in Nationstates! In most things we're rated on, I'm in the bottom half of the 500 or so nations in Galt's Gulch (our area), but I'm #9 on happiest people! I think that's all that really counts, don't you??
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