August 13th, 2005

TT Robin Driven me Insane by digic_icons

Thirty Three Teen Titans Icons

I was going to wait until I finished my Masks set, but I got tired of not releasing these, so here's a bunch more Teen Titans icons. Some serious, some not, some animated, some not, some won awards, yay me!



Credit me (Fritters) in keywords. If you don't know how to do so, please either learn how (ask someone) or don't take these.

If you are going to save these on a public server, please password these so that people don't think you made them.

The bases are there to put ANYTHING you want on them, but please give dual credit, I put a lot of work into them.

Comments aren't necessary, they just make me smile...

These are not to be used in any way on Neopets and if I see any of these on Neopets the user with them will be reported to the mods for art theft.


Sorry for all the rules, I have more problems with my Titans icons than any others and I've nearly stopped making them simply because of all the trouble I've had with icon theft and people using them on Neopets and stuff. I wouldn't type all that crap if I hadn't had problems with all that...



20. 32. 33.

Collapse )

Oh!! And if you want to also credit thudpucker for #33, he came up with the joke. And if you don't get the joke on #33, ask your mom. And if your mom doesn't get the joke, ask your grandma ^_^
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