September 26th, 2005

Ed Resting by Fritters


As I go through the week, I generally save different little things I want to mention in my LJ in a text file on my desktop. Oftentimes I find that I can just tack these on to the end of a real entry, but sometimes it all just stacks up until I have a zillion little things to say and none of it with any real weight worth posting in LJ with. This is when I make a potpourri post. My life has been uneventful lately, and with all that's been happening in the south that's probably a good thing, but I still get chagrined over making posts with no real content. Hence, this paragraph.

On to the crap.

Firstly, this Penny Arcade comic made me laugh until I hurt myself. Read all the way to the third item. That's the best.

Secondly, I want one of these VERY badly. They have speakers that you can feel the music with THROUGH the water and little fountains and water that changes color. We've already decided that if we can afford one in this tiny apartment we're in that we don't really need a couch and just to put it in the living room. Think of the hot tub parties, sitting in the living room watching anime!

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