October 10th, 2005

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Menny Things

1. Due to the fact that I've been slamming icon makers, of course today I will be releasing one of my less artsy sets. Good timing, Fritters. Later will be the rest of the Mystery Men set, which I didn't put as much work into because I didn't want it obvious there was a huge time span inbetween the first and second part, and my skills have evolved since the first set. Make fun of icon makers then release subpar icons. Nice planning.

2. Does anyone know where I can donate to help Central Americans hurt by Hurricane Stan? Not even the Red Cross mentions this, when I've heard the death toll is expected to go higher than Katrina and Rita. Is this information WRONG and they don't need help? If it's true I want to help, but not even the Red Cross mentions this... More info.... Even more info... Why the HELL does the Red Cross not mention this?

3. Kiss free speech goodbye. "Second FBI Raid This Week: Erotic Stories Website Hit, Apparently Over Obscenity". Apparently, if you write erotic stories you should expect the FBI to raid your house while you're out and take every computer related thing you own before bringing up charges against you for obscenity. I feel sorry for all my friends who are Harry Potter shippers. I mean, if you forget to state somewhere in your story that you're writing when the characters are over 18 then you're automatically in danger from an FBI raid. And no, I don't believe in kiddy porn or bestiality or any of the other things mentioned in the story, but where do you draw the line? This is imaginary...

4. Okay, the last two were fucking heavy. Here's something lighter. Every Fanfic Ever Written, passed on to me by thudpucker. I'm amused that some parts are similar to the Generic Fanfic I wrote a while back. (If the Generic Fanfic link at psychosix.com is down again, it's also here.)
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MM Didn't need to see that by Fritters

Mystery Men: FINISHED!

A while back I made a post of the first part of a set of Mystery Men icons. After working on these pigs for literally YEARS I am finally finished with my set. I apologize if you think the second set isn't as good as my recenter stuff because I tried not to do as much with them as I am now. I wanted the entire set to feel cohesive and when I started on these my skills were much different.

As I said in the first post, be warned, most of these are just quotes from the movies tossed on screencaps, but I think I did them pretty well. In any case, if you haven't seen it AND are planning to, which you SHOULD, there may be small spoilers. Bleaugh.

RULES: Crediting is not necessary (but I like it). Crediting me (Fritters) in keywords (or comments) in your user pics IS necessary. It's the only thing I ask. One little thing. Please respect it. If you don't know how to credit in keywords (or comments), please learn how or don't use any of these icons.

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As usual, if y'all could let me know if any of these are unreadable/unviewable. so I know which I can release in quality_icons, I'd appreciate it.
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