October 19th, 2005

TT BB Cute by ellonwye

Little help?

I recently found a very addictive game for the palm platform. It's called rectogen, because you generate rectangles. Well, squares actually, but that's besides the point. It's so addictive I nearly drained my palm to death last night and I want the game for the windows platform. I assumed like most of the simpler palm games that there were 27 different versions of it floating around for all platforms. I can't seem to FIND any though. In any case, you have squares that are two colors on each and you have to rotate them so that 4 of them make a diamond/square of the same color. Then that square disappears a couple more fall. Here's a graphic from the game, sorry it's a bit fast, ganked from the makers website...

Does anyone know a game for windows with that sort of gameplay? I can't seem to find one and figured I may as well ask around. And while I've got you, does anyone know where I can find a version of the marbles game that came with the old windows plus package, either?
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