October 31st, 2005

ENG - Chicha... unimpressed by Fritters

Nice, albeit busy, little weekend....

Time to update a bit, I suppose.

Saturday was a fun little party, hosted by Amber Kessels and "Tim" (don't know his last name) at Steve Martin's house (no, not THAT Steve Martin). It was a costume party and pictures are below the cut. I met some neat people and got to spend time with catlyn99 as well, who I always enjoy the company of. I was pretty good on my diet, too, didn't overeat, didn't have anything sugared and only ate three little pieces of Forbidden Cheese.

Sunday jason_brez and his friends Jen and Mike met us at Alcazar for dinner and the food was VERY nice, as was the company. ^_^

Today, Chipotle' was having a thing where if you dressed in burrito tinfoil, you got a free burrito. We hit two ^_^ Pictures below the cut, as well. Considering the size of their burrito "bols" and my current diet/appetite, that will be dinner for 4 nights!!

Both Saturday night and the Chipotle' thing were costume events, so I sorta got two Halloweens, costume-wise, it's been a decent long weekend. A bit frantic, what with finding time to do all this and the amount of time taking care of two sick cats takes (feeding three times a day, cleaning all the messes, medicating, getting supplies, etc.), but still, it's nice to have a "life" occasionally ^_^

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