February 5th, 2006

Dib Doin' ... stuff... by yachiru

Potpourri and Whine

When the person next door in your apartment complex has the superbowl on tv at his party loud enough that you can understand everything the announcers say, headphones=sanity.

Not a lot of sanity, but more than you can get without leaving the house. Here's some weirdness...


Here's a quote from an article about Japanese lovehotels from http://www.quirkyjapan.or.tv/hotels.html

"The SM rooms, sound exciting, but what’s the point of chaining a Japanese girl up? She’s not going to move anyway."



For more wrongness, check out the packaging on these condoms in South Korea...


I can't even elaborate on the number of things wrong with this. My brain is burning too badly...


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