July 20th, 2006

Ed Resting by Fritters

Cloud ball thingy update....

Some of you expressed an interest in knowing more about the vortex cloud light-changing ball thingy I ordered once I got it.

So, if you click here you'll see a video of just how cool it is. And it IS cool, quite awesome in fact. It's all swirly, color changey and stuff. FYI, it's also 3.2 meg. Take that as you will.

I can't begin to talk about the quality. No, seriously, I can't. I can't even get one of the battery covers to stay on when there's an actual battery in it. I'm afraid to sneeze near it. And let me quote the instructions...

1. Following the arrow to pull off the battery cover.
2. Be sure "+","-" polarity to insert 3 pcs (AAA-1.5v) batteries.

So, in summary, it's QUITE cool. Beyond spiffy. It's not worth ANY more than I paid for it, but it is worth that. They still have them, by the way. Although I'm very grateful that I have several friends who are good at fixing things and soldering and such. I have a feeling at some point, I may need them.
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