May 10th, 2007

Ed Happy BIG by Fritters


For those of you interested in how postrophe's Dad, AJ, is doing, (translation: Brendo) here's an update...

"We waited at the hospital until a bit before 11 when Dad came out of the recovery area... and we were able to see him, back in the ICU. He was still coming out of anesthesia and they had him sedated because of the intubation tube, but he WAS becoming alert, which was a boon for us all.

The next few days are important, and we are far from out of the woods, but it all looks positive at this point."
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California by Fritters

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Catalina burning. Zero percent contained.

The picture gallery is gut-wrenching. I just wanna DO something. If they allowed untrained schmoes to go help, I'd totally put on the gear and grab a hose.

This, and both of the Griffith Park fires. This is time #1 that I'll casually mention I said it will be a horrible fire season this year.

EDIT: OMG, the livecam is still up. I feel better. As long as they're still sending out pics, the town has to be okay.

EDIT EDIT: More for my reference than yours, but this is a link to more webcams so you/I can keep an eye on everything.
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