June 3rd, 2007

Art by Fritters

Kim Possible Wallpaper

In an effort to be a little more comfortable with Illustrator, I whipped up a wallpaper from Kim Possible. I polished it up in Photoshop, of course, I'm not a GLUTTON for punishment. Here's the thumbnail...

If you click on it, you'll go to the directory I plopped five sizes into, with the smallest being #5, which is 800x600 and the largest being 1600x1200 and named #1. If you want a size in between just click on one of the puppies and any decent browser will tell you the size you've arrived at on the top bar.

Yeah, I'm being lazy and not listing all the sizes with direct links, but you're all bright wizards of the internet and can work it out, not to mention after making this thing all day and dyeing my hair I think I deserve to cut a corner or two on the html here.
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