July 25th, 2007

Head smashie by rainecloud

Not my best morning...

Skate likes to sleep on my pillow. Today he was particularly snuggly and relaxed with me, with his paws on either side of my head.

And then he had a dream.

When his paws started twitching too much, I jerked a little. This caused him to panic.

So, I'm wearing sunglasses to class today and am hoping to God my eyelid stops bleeding soon. Bleeding in class is such bad etiquette. At one point he actually had a claw snagged UNDER my eyelid 0_0

SO not going to LASFS tomorrow.
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ENG - Chicha... unimpressed by Fritters

Free Coupon

I just signed up for something that gave me a "take it or leave it" choice on a 10 dollar discount coupon on any purchase of 20$ or more at ebags.com. If anyone out there was planning on buying a purse, backpack, etc. anytime soon, go check it out and let me know if you want it. I'm never going to use this online coupon, so one of y'all ought to get some use out of it.