August 30th, 2007

Christ - Believe - by Lizzaeh


I try not to ask y'all for much, although I know I fail occasionally. Can those of y'all who believe in prayer do so for my friend Dr. Arizona please?

EDIT: For those of you who find it easier to pray when you can have an image in your mind, here...

Dr. Arizona with Tadao at last
years Talk Like a Pirate party at
Enchanted Devas
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Ed Thinking by Fritters

A Hard Question...

At what point does grave-desecration turn into archeology?

At this point in our history, we can learn things about people only a couple hundred years gone. When does exhuming people for information sake become educational enough to justify it? If we can learn things about people a couple of hundred years gone, does that mean ancient indian burial grounds should be dug up, too? What about your great great grandparents? Does someone who has been dead 10,000 years still have rights? Does the community they were from?
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