December 11th, 2007

SGA - Rodney - Brain the size... by tinn

"Our thinking is as creative as our logo!"

Apparently, if you're really a writer, you just can't stop writing. Writers strike? I guess energies have to be directed into a new area... Website spoofs of the opposition, for example. Apparently the motion picture and television producers only bought the .org name and not the .com, opening themselves up to this amusing as all get-out little spoof site. Check it out, and if you like that sort of thing, here's the real site for comparison sake. Be sure to check out the spoofs FAQ, BTW.

Gleefully stolen from edgreen86, btw.


In other news, if this doesn't make you want espresso, then... it will probably make you want to dress weird and do your hair and makeup funny and have your picture taken. Dial-up warning, BTW, lots of pictures.

Stolen from mosellegreen. Because my friends list is full of cool people showing off cool stuff, that I like to pass on to the rest of you. ^_^


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