December 19th, 2007


Won't be using THIS icon for a while...

I just finished my last final of the semester (which I did FINE on). I won't be attending spring semester, partially for cat reasons, partially for car reasons, so it's a BIT of a chapter ending.

Speaking of my car, it made it there and back onnnnnnnnnne laaaaaaaast tiiiiiiiime just barely. It stalled at the bottom of the hill for over 2 minutes without restarting, and it wouldn't go over 25 on the way home. It also exacted a blood toll. After applying pressure (pencil pressure!) to the cut throughout the entire final, it was still bleeding after removing the pressure. On the bright side, nothing applies constant pressure like a nice tight band-aid.

So all in all, college, done for the moment, homework, none, grades, 50% chance of retaining my perfect GPA. (One class I had three A's in and three B's. This will tell me whether or not the professor is a nice guy or a buttwad).

Glass of Cabernet to celebrate? Present.
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