January 31st, 2008

Gir Beating with text by inane and fritt

So much for that...

I was trying not to post today, since I have a lot of photos I'm posting soon, but apparently in this I'm Full of Fail. Because A: I have a quiz result and B: I want to pimp IMVU, again.


Which annoying fan are you?

You are the SQUEALER. Your favorite is the DRAMA QUEEN, who gives you fic, art, and a personality to latch onto. Your natural enemy is the BASHER, who ruins your fun.
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For those of you who were interested in this 3-D chat program before but couldn't run it, they've released like 20 updates since the last time I pimped this, so it might run now. They also have group rooms now for those of you who think one-on-one chatting can be pretty dull (like me).
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