February 7th, 2008

California by Fritters

The last picture post for a while...

At the end of last summer, school was rapidly descending, and I could physically feel it. On the last Saturday before I expected to be homework-free, I despaired of the fact that Martin and I wouldn't have a chance to do anything special together for months. Martin, being the Awesome Boyfriend he is, agreed to drive to Fillmore with me.

For those of you who have no idea what the hell Fillmore is, it's sort of a minor tourist spot for people in Southern California. Wikipedia describes it decently. "Fillmore has classic "turn of the century" downtown architecture, a one-screen theatre, an historic train depot, - the Fillmore and Western Railway - a much photographed city hall, and many unique shops and businesses, including a local winery operation." We took a windey road to get to it instead of the freeway, so that we could enjoy California more, and as usual...

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So to sum up, if you want to take a mini-vacation in the Los Angeles area, Fillmore, yes. Piru, not so much.
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