February 28th, 2008

Puerto Rico by Fritters

My Last Puerto Rico post...

Darnit, not going to need this icon much longer, eh?

Here is the last page of my PR travelogue, which honestly, is only worth visiting for a couple of shots of islands from Karen and because it teaches you to NEVER fly American Airlines.


Compared to the others it's pretty light on photos and interesting stories, so I understand if y'all go "I am SO TIRED of all these picture posts" and skip it.

But remember not to ever fly American...

...and for those of you who missed any of it, the Puerto Rico travelogue starts here...


...but damn, there's a lot of it! I don't recommend going through it all at once.

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Holidays - REVEL by Fritters

Leap Day...

Today is a holiday you only get to celebrate once every four years.

It is more rare than Christmas or New Year's Day.

When I think of Leap Day, I think of one of my favorite episodes of Frasier. He decides that the best way to celebrate Leap Day is to "take a leap," to do something you wouldn't ordinarily. I think this is a brill way to celebrate Leap Day. I'm going to be doing a few things differently this Leap Day and I hope you do, too.

Be Brave!

Be Different!

Take a Leap!
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