May 8th, 2008

Head smashie by rainecloud


While running a program to optimize my registry, my computer crashed. Therefore, the registry was fu**ed. Therefore, I have to reformat my hard drive.

Therefore, all the pictures from day 3 of Death Valley are only available as small pics at Snapfish.

Therefore, the full day I spent finding rare mp3s from the 80s was wasted.

Therefore, the awesome icon set of 80s lyrics I made and was so proud of is gone.

Therefore, all the movies of the Salt Creek pupfish in Death Valley are destroyed.

Therefore, the information on what flight nfayre is arriving on this evening is gone (although I remember enough to fake it perfectly well...)


THEREFORE, if I sent you anything cool in the last 2 months, or you sent me anything cool in the last two months, PLEASE email it back to me!

Oh, I back up regularly, absolutely. About every month or two. It's been about two months. Guess what I was originally planning on doing today? Backing up! That's right! I lost about the maximum I could possibly lose.

Therefore, I am not in as good a mood as I had originally hoped.
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    CDs, because I have no mp3s until the folks from Dell call back...