May 27th, 2008

TT Cy Urge2Kill by shamanic_nuriko


Still not receiving e-mail notifications, so that's why you aren't hearing from me as much.
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TT Cy Urge2Kill by shamanic_nuriko

Green much??

How many times a day are you reminded you should be doing more for the environment and the planet? How many times a day does the media try to make you feel guilty for not doing enough?

I'm not posting to have a discussion about whether or not we should do more, I'm posting because I'm wondering if everyone else is as sick of constantly being nagged at as I am.


I'm willing to bet if you pay attention to commercials and articles and such, we all get nagged at LEAST 10-20 times a day. Would you put up with your spouse/friends nagging you about something that many times a day? Then why do WE put up with it?
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