June 26th, 2008

Art by Fritters

Super Genki Crab Summer...

In an effort to justify the purchase of a pen tablet and to struggle past the learning curve on the thing, I made a desktop wallpaper doohickey thing, and you can see it over at deviantart. Not my best work ever, but it WAS the first thing I ever really drew on it, so I suppose it's good for that. And it's sort of an advert for an old single my virtual band had, so don't assume you're not hip for not having heard of us.

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AD - Osaka Looking About by fritters

Video help...

I'm looking for a video online, I think most of us have seen it? It's a shot from, I BELIEVE, a British children's show, and there's a puppet in it. They have a dog on the show, I think the dog's owner or trainer is being interviewed, and the dog is interacting with the puppet and the puppet is acting frightened of the little dog getting in it's face. It's pretty funny. Martin doesn't remember it, so I wanted to show it to him, but I can't find it. Any help?