July 19th, 2008

Gir Beating with text by inane and fritt

Multipost from HECK!

Firstly, here's some art you might want to check out. Yeah, I'm not usually one for
art pimping, but this guy got a lot of kids to draw pictures and then took the ones he liked best and recreated and took photos of them. There's some fun stuff there.


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Beware the Grocery Shrink Ray!


For those book fans out there, here's something awesome. Make your house/self smell like a library. I know a lot of people on my list are like me and inhale deeply everytime they enter a library for the whole gestalt of the experience.

FYI, there are other awesome scents there, too.


Between postrophe and hakuen offering to let me borrow cars and catlyn99 asking me if I needed a ride to college, I have the best friends in the world.

In updateyness, the car is fixed AGAIN and I'm now $5,300 in debt, although it will soon be $3,800.


...and this is just funny, funny stuff. Ganked from krystalemerges...

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