August 20th, 2008

Ed Resting by Fritters

Today's Celeb Encounter and Potpourri...

I apparently go to the same optometry office as Liz Vassey. Unfortunately, I had NO idea who she was and couldn't IMDb her at the time, or I would've been all "OMG YOU MET BAD HORSE WHATS HE LIKE IN REAL LIFE??" like a spaz (because it's funny!) I can tell you unequivocably, though, that when you're in the same room as someone who works in the "industry" you feel really amazingly fat. 0_o

No, seriously. I think I gained 30 mental pounds just sharing the same air as her.


We all know one. A friend on our LJ F-list who posts good articles. Good long articles. Articles we want to read but sometimes have trouble slogging through, despite our interest. Now, there's a solution!!

Paste the article text into it and it will flash the words in one place so you don't get lost, keep it at a reasonable speed so you don't drift and you can pause it if real life interrupts. I found myself paying a lot more attention to articles than normal and getting through them faster as well.


Check out this image and tell me the name of the magazine.

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