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Screwing the pooch at 6:00 AM

Entry Name: i R t3H j33NyUz


Fishing for Free Medical Advice

Wow. Just Wow. I screwed the pooch HARD this morning. Martin had turned the air conditioner on last night and I wanted to turn it off. So I got out of bed, turned the air conditioner off and then woke up on the floor.

Erm. Yeah.

The interim is a big black spot and I've never blacked out in my life. But I woke up on the floor with Martin by me and my head and neck hurting like a mofo.

On the other hand, I have no medical insurance. And about 3 different types of medical professionals on my F List.

So any suggestions from ANY of y'all people, medical or not, would be highly spiffy. My neck is locking up like.... some... really... locky thing and I have a goose egg the size of Cleveland on my forehead. I've been icing the bump some and trying to keep moving my neck in various directions, but I can tell that it will soon reduce me to only seeing straight ahead (my computer ^_^ heh heh). I've also taken two excedrin and a muscle relaxant (voltaren) but any further suggestions from anyone would be extremely swell. I'm in a buttload of pain and expect to be for several days. Buggerall.

And if any of this entry doesn't make sense, I just hit my head really hard. Duh.

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