April 6th, 2009

A-TLA - Sokka Working by equivalency


I was going to name this entry "What I Did on My Summer Vacation Spring Break," but firstly the strikeout html doesn't work in the LJ title box and secondly, I still have a good chunk of Spring Break left over and while I have no plans to do anything, it is not precluded.

Anyways, on Thursday morning at early-o'clock, Karen, Martin and I headed off to Contact Conference 2009. I didn't mention it to y'all because hey, I'm going to announce to the entire planet that we're out of town for the weekend and our apartment is unguarded? Umm... no.

In any case, this is another one of those picture posts I'm so gosh-darned fond of. If you'd like to see shots of stuff I found post worthy, then Collapse )

There will be pictures of the Saturday and Sunday stuff as well, but as I only got home last night and have 1.7 gig of photos it's going to be a bit to edit the rest and post them. So, later.

Comments are GO!

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