June 4th, 2009

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David Carradine, star of 'Kung Fu,' dies at 72.

I know, I rarely post about the passing of famous people. But I met him once. Oh, I didn't know it until afterwards when my friends told me "You know that was David Carradine, right??" He had a dog of his with him at a coffee shop I used to frequent. I went up to him and asked about his dog, talked to him about his dog, petted his dog. Totally oblivious to the fact he was famous. I can only assume he appreciated being treated like a normal person. I hope he did.

But because of that day, I paid more attention to his career and such, as an almost-acquaintance kind of thing. He was also a Sagittarian Angeleno who loved animals and going to coffee shops. And apparently, also like me, had problems with depression.

So this hits a bit closer than most of these sort of news items. Oh, I'm not sick with sobbing or anything, I didn't KNOW him, but this will probably put a patina on the next few days. I'll miss him.

Rest in peace, Mr. Carradine.

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This is what a poll looks like when the person asking the questions is too lazy to use the LJ poll maker...

Would you in general prefer one long multipost like whoah with lots of things that don't have anything to do with each other or 4-5 posts over one day? Possibly right next to each other on your friends page?

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