June 9th, 2009


Summer Updateyness

First the good news: There are no classes I need (or want) to take being offered over the summer.

Second, the bad news: Next fall, spring AND the fall after that I have to take Saturday classes. Not in the morning. Not in the evening. Right smack in the middle of the day, so I can really do NOTHING on Saturday for the next year and a half, starting in late August. Sundays are a day of rest and church, so not much spare time there. I have two days off in the week, but I need at least two days to get all my damn projects done.

The upshot is this. Except when I'm completely on the ball and have finished all my work and am a bit ahead, other than semester breaks, I will probably not have time to see any of my friends for the next year and a half. o_0


But it's not the end of August yet! Oh, no. So, this is the Summer of Seeing Friends. This is the Summer of Saying Yes (especially on weekdays!!).

So, if you want someone to go shopping with for that shirt you need for work, I'm available! If you want to go have a picnic at Balboa park, I'm available! If you have a day off and want to hit the beach, I'm available! Who wants to do lunch? I do! Anyone for coffee next week? We haven't wandered through the canyons talking about nothing for a while, have we? Have I mentioned on the evening of the 24th this month there a grunion run? That there's a free Sha Na Na concert this Saturday or a free Johnny Cash tribute in Calabasas on July 26th?

Who wants to do what? I've got a calendar, it doesn't have to be this week...

Art by Fritters


For those who are interested in that sort of thing, I made a new wallpaper. It's over at DevArt and looks like this. Click the image to see it larger or download it.