June 28th, 2009


July Calendar

Firstly, I still have no one in the L.A. area to attend the free Johnny Cash tribute in Calabasas on July 26th.

Secondly, on the 12th there's a Bastille Day celebration downtown, if anyone wants to go.

Thirdly, other than the 4th I THINK all days are open for fun and sun and picnics and driving around with the windows down and the radio on, so if anyone wants to do anything, drop me a line. I know places to feed ducks, feed squirrels, get a nice lunch of any ethnicity you like, sit under lush trees, there's the Japanese Garden, we could watch the waves roll in, dunk under the waves, etc, so if anyone wants to celebrate summer with me, LET ME KNOW! This is the Summer of Saying Yes.

FYI, I got all A's again this semester.
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