August 8th, 2009

California by Fritters

Day 4 of our trip up north...

This was the last day we were out of town, so y'all should be safe from picture posts for a while, barring me doing anything interesting in my last month of freedom...

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P.S. I was going to include shots of where we stayed, because it was awesome, but the shots were not. Let me point out, though, that the Hamlet Motel is awesome, cute, has fridges and free wifi in every room, and unlike most good places to stay is only 70 a night for a couple. Find a place without bugs, that's cute, has nice staff and free wifi and fridges for under a hundred a couple and I will shake your hand. So if you ever go to Solvang, stay in the Hamlet Motel, because it is Made of Discount Win.

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