Fritters (fritters) wrote,

Winner of the Meerkat Caption Contest!!

We had five entries into the Meerkat Caption contest, wherein you were asked to provide a caption to the following picture....

The grand prize winner of an Appropriate Postcard is.........


...for her caption of "Humans BEND LIKE THAT? Mesmerized..." Although second runner up for the most original will get an e-card because I really liked this one, too. Second runner up is....


...for the caption of "Hey, is that a flying saucer over there? I hope they don't leave without me again." They get the second prize, even though there isn't one, just for the "again" part! Both of you should email me and remind me what sorta things you like to receive pictures of so I can make your (e)cards Appropriate.

Thanks to everyone who participated, especially ouroborous because he's not even on my friends list and somehow popped over here from spazzychic's site. Thanks!

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