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Whining for no real reason....

The weather sucks.
Wish you were beer.

Translation: Days ago my little weather ticker doohickey said it was going rain soon. YAY! I originally was cautious, but when I saw it was supposed to rain Sunday THROUGH Tuesday, I was QUITE happy. Surely that means a REAL storm with REAL rain.

We don't get much rain in this part of L.A. (e.g. ladypixel gets WAY more rain and she's maybe 40 minutes away). And I love rain, so I've been waiting for this for DAYS! The first real rain after summer, the beginning of a hopefully rainy season.

Well I've been waiting ALL DAY and still no rain. There was no rain when the current weather ticker said it was CURRENTLY raining in my exact city. And yeah, it's a stupid little thing, I have better things to think about, like the fact that at different times over the last 24 hours 3 out of four of our cats have shown signs of being slightly ill, but I was REALLY looking forward to this.

Stupid weather ticker.

It had better rain tomorrow. Or I'm gonna.... ... ... whine more, I guess.

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