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On asshattery....

I gave up and reduced the number of communities I'm in from 103 to 87 in the vain hopes of reducing the amount of stupidity I'm forced to endure on my friends list. On the bright side, asshattery helped inspire me to make the icon I'm using here, of which I'm quite proud. On the other hand, most of the sheer stupidity I'm forced to face is in groups where if I left, I would miss a lot of good stuff, too. If I don't want to see any people posting pictures of windows with "FACES!OMG!" in them or orbs that are proof a dusty place is soooooo haunted(!!!) then I have to leave pretty much (not all, see dognotspicy?) every ghost group I'm in and won't see the cool stuff that I DO like. If I want cool new Teen Titan icons or Firefly icons, I have to put up with the ones where I can't even tell what the picture is OF, despite having seen every damn episode of both, where the text is unreadable and you don't even know if you ARE looking at a character, muchless which.

Yeah, I'm easily rumpled today. Have been for days. Sorry about all the whining.

Perhaps I'll only check lj and email twice a day from now on to reduce the constant influx of idiocy, stupidity and asshattery I must endure.

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