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Update and Science News....

Firstly, I was just about to take Lily to the vets, when I gave her one last chance to start eating more, and she DID. Not as much as I'd like, but in theory either she's getting better on her own or the garlic is purifying her liver. Hopefully #1, because #2 means there's still some kind of mold weirdness probably.... We'll keep an eye on her and if she keeps getting better *crosses fingers* we'll be able to avoid throwing money at vets...


[begin science_news]

Check out this article...

Apparently, women aren't whinier about their aches and pains then men... okay maybe they ARE, but there is a sound scientific reason. Women have TWICE as many nerve receptors as men, at least facially, and they believe this carries over everywhere on the female body because women report feeling pain twice as often and for longer durations than men (see one of the four related articles under the main article for more info than that).

Now the really interesting part of this is that they usually test medicines, such as pain relievers on men and then just give a comparable dose to women, and they generally test procedures on men and then extrapolate for women, etc. Which in the light of this seems sorta backward, don't you think? And I'm not trying to diminish the pain men feel, I'm just saying for all those guys who when they have a headache and their gal has a headache and they're still trying to get stuff done and the woman just wants to lay down... well, maybe you shouldn't mentally discount her because she can't "suck it up" or "play through the pain" like you can. Maybe she's really in a lot more pain. (Not that I'm saying any of my friends do this...)

And what about the people who claim they were born female when they have male genitalia? Do some of them have a different amount of nerve receptors? Does feeling more pain make you more in touch with your feelings?? And also, doesn't it seem REALLY unfair, Adam and Eve aside from this, that women feel more pain yet we're the ones expected to give childbirth? There are just so many things that this might make us need to re-evaluate...

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