Fritters (fritters) wrote,

Disjoined emotionalism

Numero Uno: Weird license plate frame I saw at Santa Anita Racetrack a week or so ago.

Anyone who can explain what this is supposed to mean to me gets....well, I dunno, a thank you, I guess.

Numero Dos: Spoke with Martin and came to the conclusion that since both me and postrophe are stubborn we will probably never speak to each other, again. Yay.

Numero Tres: On the good side, being an Avatar Slut, I went ahead and paid for a year of Livejournal. On the down side, for the life of me I can't get the damn thing to do ANYTHING I tell it and it's making me feel Uber-Stupid. Here, everyone tells me how smart I am and even though I've already got the preview showing that I changed the comments areas name, AND applied the style to my pages, it still doesn't show up. spazzychic got it to work, but I can't. I'm not even going to get into how advanced taeha's page is, she's got her second page with the same style as the first and I can't even find the controls for that muchless change it. All these people being able to make their journals do what they want and I can't even catch up. It makes me feel VERY stupid. I went to the tutorials page and their isn't even a tutorial simple enough to walk me through what's wrong with my comments naming problem. Apparently, everyone else is smart enough to figure it out on their own. How can I expect to be webmaster for the P6 when Taeha is so much more talented at both programming and design. I guess I got the second place prize for her not wanting the job....Not a cheery post, I know. And everything was so nice when I was watching Farscape....*sigh*

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