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Nice, albeit busy, little weekend....

Time to update a bit, I suppose.

Saturday was a fun little party, hosted by Amber Kessels and "Tim" (don't know his last name) at Steve Martin's house (no, not THAT Steve Martin). It was a costume party and pictures are below the cut. I met some neat people and got to spend time with catlyn99 as well, who I always enjoy the company of. I was pretty good on my diet, too, didn't overeat, didn't have anything sugared and only ate three little pieces of Forbidden Cheese.

Sunday jason_brez and his friends Jen and Mike met us at Alcazar for dinner and the food was VERY nice, as was the company. ^_^

Today, Chipotle' was having a thing where if you dressed in burrito tinfoil, you got a free burrito. We hit two ^_^ Pictures below the cut, as well. Considering the size of their burrito "bols" and my current diet/appetite, that will be dinner for 4 nights!!

Both Saturday night and the Chipotle' thing were costume events, so I sorta got two Halloweens, costume-wise, it's been a decent long weekend. A bit frantic, what with finding time to do all this and the amount of time taking care of two sick cats takes (feeding three times a day, cleaning all the messes, medicating, getting supplies, etc.), but still, it's nice to have a "life" occasionally ^_^

This is the part where I show you a bunch of pictures of people who you don't know and will probably never meet. I'll try to keep it short.

This is the beginning of the set of the pictures at Amber and Tim's party. I get invited to ONE party a year, so I attend pretty religiously in the hopes of getting invited to more.

thudpucker's on the left, with some other partygoers, I don't know all their names so I won't embarass myself by only naming half the people in the pictures. He found a costume at about 2 minutes 'til time to leave. Amazing.

EDIT: Martin, Martin, Matt and Tim. Interestingly enough both of the Martins write and spoke with each other pretty much the entire length of the party.

postrophe and lironess. Lironess made most of that costume herself, by hand. It was pretty damned impressive.


"Must climb faster... get away from all the crazy people!!"

I really liked the girls' outfits here, despite the fact I suck at names. Sorry for not naming everyone, party-peeps.

EDIT: On the left is jade_darkness, in the middle is Tim and on the right is catwoman69y2k

Grrr. Yes, that's actually me. I was torn on showing this pic because despite losing weight, I'm still not comfortable with how my body looks, but I think my actual face looks decent in this pic, so I wanted to show that, and I figured eventually y'all would ask for pics of my costume anyways. It's hard to tell, but that outfit is Girls Gone Wild. Around here we have this commercial where they try to sell videos of women pulling their tops up and showing their breasts, only in the commercials the actual goods are always covered with words like "TOTALLY HOT" and "ORDER NOW" and such. So I went as one of those girls, and whenever I pulled my short up, I had a black bar across my chest that said "CENSORED". Yeah, it's a weird outfit and a bit of an explanation for anyone not used to the commercials, but no one else was wearing the same costume. Compare that to all the vampires and half-naked demon girls you saw this weekend.

catlyn99 (who has gone on to myspace and will probably never see this entry), Holly and The Man Who's Name I Can Never Remember. He must've told it to me 3-4 times. I was on percoset that night, did I mention that?

EDIT: HIS NAME IS WILL!! Catlyn99, Holly and WILL!

I have no idea who's in this costume, but it's impressive, isn't it? The little city travels with him, it's attached. Best Costume of the Night.

thudpucker, myself, and other tinfoiled Chipotle' fans dressing strange for free burritos.

A better shot, later this evening, of our tinfoil outfits. Martin put on a tinfoil hat and sunglasses and was a alien/surfer/thingy. I had a tinfoil eyepatch and tinfoil parrot for my pirate costume. I think in the party picture I look a lot better. Go look at that pic of me... Yeah, that's better.

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